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Daryl Morgado Tejano a Tinu Bong Bisay-anon in the province of Agusan del sur.

My family was very happy from the day that I was born knowing that I am the only boy in the family. Thinking that I will follow in my father’s footsteps to become a soldier. But at age of 6, I always take my grandmother long skirts to make it my DYI long wig! And loved making our blanket as my long gown and dresses.


Growing up, my family did not have a lot of disposable income to buy branded clothing, my Mama would bring me to the thrift store to pick a few pieces that I would use throughout the year. Overall, I didn't have a preference for what I wore, as the only criteria to fulfil was that it was comfortable. Once high school began, one of my best friends introduced me to her Anime sketches and I was so in love with it, so I decided to make my own, but in a different way it was actually a fashion woman figure, but I was not aware of what fashion was at that point. I spent countless hours visiting YouTube, it was then I realized it was Fashion, so my attitude towards Fashion took a turn.


From my interest in fashion, I decided to acquire a bachelor’s degree in fashion in Davao City, I started to search on social media, and then first I found a course 'Bachelor in Fine Arts-Major in Fashion Design'. It is a 4years course in one of the college schools in Davao city. But the thing is, there are minors and other subjects that are not related to fashion. All I want that time is to focus on what I really want to know about Fashion. All about Fashion. Then my eldest sister suggested our 2nd and last school that offers fashion design course according to our research at that time. And then it’s very blessed that we finally found Philippine Fashion Academy(PHFA) which I started to know and focus on what is in the fashion industry all about.


When I started to study fashion it was really hard because I don’t even know how to sew, do the pattern and all. All I know is to design and sketch. But that doesn’t stop me from giving up. I encounter a lot of challenges and struggles by reaching my dreams. But with the help of my mentor, I’ve learned a lot, I find myself, my style, and I feel like I am closer to my dreams. 


Daryl Tejano 'Ablepo' Fall/Winter 21-22 collection is based on the concept of self-blindness. He describes self-blindness as below:

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling nothing or having zero sights? Imagine the world without sight or vision. Life will be dull and Grey. This is why I would like to raise up awareness of a person's psychological states "self blindness".

Self-blindness is supposed to be correlated to "colour blindness". A person who is colour blind can learn information's about colour in a most non-standard way. A person who is self-blind can learn about, her own beliefs, desires and intentions in a nonstandard way. Things are different in my own state. I do not normally have to make observations in order to know what I am thinking or feeling. It's just that, I am more silent on my feelings. I am afraid to communicate such emotions. I often disagree with my emotions or feelings to be felt in some circumstances.

Unique pieces exuding modernity and classic style stand out against a neutral palette of grey and black. The modern uncomplicated forms perfectly highlight the sculptured textile tailoring. Strong and heavy fabrics manage the further showcase the collection classics yet functional appeal. Asymmetric coats and sleek blazers demonstrate the complex yet clean tailoring featuring throughout the collection. The tailoring beautifully enhances the body whilst exaggerating key areas such as the shoulder and hip and is set back against long-lean legs. Architecturally inspired shapes showcasing understated glamour. 





For me, the name “Creszn” is an alternative name of the crescent and also a pseudonym for “Christine” as a shortcut of my first name. At the age of 17, I started my journey as a young designer by crafting cosplay costumes even though I am not that much of an expert at that time.

I am definitely passionate even though I am currently pursuing Fashion, I always imagine myself designing my own clothes and things to express what I have felt and what I have imagined. After graduating junior high school, I finally decided to work part-time jobs to become more independent; such as an assistant in the mechanical engineering department, make-up artist and one of the event photographers in which is also connected to developing my skills in arts. These experiences help me to improve my skills

In 2019, I dared to take the risk of investing to take fashion courses at Philippine Fashion Academy, Davao City instead of proceeding to senior high school since I’m depressed at that time and I felt like I need to explore and learn new things. My best friend is one of my inspirations and cosplaying is also one of the reasons why I wanted to take a fashion course in order to know how to sew well and to save up some penny through investing costumes and outfits in every occasional event.

Because of my eagerness in learning, and because of my highly experienced mentors, I am gradually clearing the fogs and slowly acquiring clear visions in the process of creativity and adaptability of my designs. I am also slowly developing my techniques and applying them to my designs and garments. Fashion has no limit, only imagination does. Everything is possible with fashion. From my previous experiences, this inspires me to create my first collection entitled “Saevum Futurum” which represents my semi tech-wear and avant-garde fashion. This collection exhibits the creativity, adaptability, uniqueness of my idea. My first collection is not only to express myself as a person but also for the people who have an interest in my designs.


The power of the mind is limitless, but bringing
those ideas to reality will be your decision, so
always choose." -CRESZN

Stylish, unique fashion brand 'CRESZN PANTASTICO' have uncovered an avant-garde collection based on the concept of ‘cyberpunk’ and ‘dystopia’. Saevus Futurum is an unconventional collection, focusing on streetwear, semi-techwear, a futuristic fashion for the youth of today, and will be presenting specially designed for the collection.

The fashion collection will be showcasing Fall and Winter season, each displaying a different aspect of the “Saevus Futurum” theme. The capsule collection coincides with the style of the collection itself; Saevus Futurum is a utilitarian, functional collection, laden with intricate cut and draping. Cosy fabrics, form and articulation make this collection one-to-watch, and the designs displaying it will make a big impact on everyone who sees it. Keep a close watch on newly, CRESZN, you’re in for a seasonal surprise!

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