• THAILAND FASHION WEEK is open to only independent designers/ design houses/ startups including kidswear. 

  • The clothing brand or design house should own a brand website.

  • The clothing brand or designer should have a business page on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.  

  • The established clothing brand or designer should have a business operation time span of min 1 year or more. 

  • Individual designers/ Startups looking to launch their brand/label/collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK are allowed to register. Customized launching plans are available. 

  • An agreement will be signed between the designer/ design house and THAILAND FASHION WEEK after the slot finalization. 

  • The designs that will be presented during TFW should be available on the designer's website to order from the show date. 

  • The applicant's wholesale price points should be within the contemporary or luxury bracket (only if the couture category falls in the luxury bar). 

  • Designers may be asked to submit additional supporting information, including press releases, design development and mood boards for the new collection.

  • 10-20 outfits are allowed to showcase which depends on the slot you choose.

  • During Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022, the designer collection has to be presented in the form of a creative film/video. The video should not be longer than 7 minutes or lesser than 2 minutes. 

  • If a designer/ design house is presenting virtually during Thailand Fashion Week, they need to select the models for their collection video only after the approval of THAILAND FASHION WEEK. If any model's profile is not approved by THAILAND FASHION WEEK, the full collection video will be dismissed from the calendar. 

  • Registration amount has to be paid (Via PayPal or Razorpay) within 5-7 days after signing the agreement or else the application will be considered null. If the designer/design house fails to deposit the registration amount within the agreed time span, he/she/they will be liable to pay a penalty amount of 1500 USD or more for impairing the time of THAILAND FASHION WEEK. So, we request the registering designers/design houses to sign the agreement only if they are sure that they will be able to meet the registration requirements. 

  • Registration amount/ slot booking amount is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. 

  • After payment of the registration amount, if any designer or design house is unable to present their collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK, they can avail a slot with the same amount in the next season without paying any extra charges. 

  • One designer/Clothing brand/ Design House can sign up for THAILAND FASHION WEEK maximum of up to 2 times in one season if they are unable to complete the registration process 1st time. If the designer/clothing brand fails to complete the registration process the second time, we request the designer/clothing brand to try next year. 

  • In the digital season of THAILAND FASHION WEEK, the application fee includes only showcasing platform charges. 

  • Models will not be provided by THAILAND FASHION WEEK for the collection video. Designers are free to invite their own models to film the collection video. Any celebrity can be invited by the designer themself to showcase their collection in the video. TFW Organization will not bear any costs for the same.

  • Designers can invite models for trials/fittings before shooting the collection video. 

  • If the designer/clothing brand wants more than one trial/fittings session with the model/models, they will have to bear their transportation charges (to-and-fro) or should arrange transportation for them. 

  • Full sanitization of the place should be done if the designer/clothing brand is planning to shoot the collection video in his/her/their studio. 

  • No stay or travelling will be provided by THAILAND FASHION WEEK during video production. 

NOTE: THAILAND FASHION WEEK reserves the right to review and waive the eligibility criteria for designer’s applications in exceptional circumstances. 


  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches and taller in bare feet

  • Age 16-25

  • Must be healthy (in good physical shape)

  • Should be comfortable with swimwear & lingerie

  • Clear unblemished skin 

  • White teeth without any gap in front

  • No tan lines

  • No obvious scars

  • No excessive piercings or tattoos

  • You will be asked to share a walking video

  • We will ask to see your legs, arms and upper back (to see if you can model open back gowns)

  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches and taller in bare feet

  • Age 18-27

  • Must be healthy (in good physical shape)

  • Clear unblemished skin 

  • White teeth without any gap in front

  • No tan lines

  • No scars

  • No excessive piercings or tattoos

  • Shaved chest & upper back

  • You will be asked to share a walking video

  • THAILAND FASHION WEEK model applications are open for all (Male/Female/LGBT).

  • Only 2-3 models will be assigned to one designer to showcase their collection in the premiere video. 

  • Models will be assigned to a designer only if they belong to the same city as the designer. 

  • We do not cover travel or accommodations to trials/fittings or to the video shoot venue. If the designer wants more than one trial/fittings session, he/she will be paying the transportation amount (to-and-fro) or will arrange transportation for you. 

  • Vital stats should not be less than 2 weeks old. Make sure the date is mentioned in the document by the one who measured. 

  • After your application approval, you'll have to sign a confirmation letter from TFW Organization. You'll not be allowed to back-out during or before the collection video shoot. If someone backs out, will have to pay 500 USD as the fine amount, also will go under legal actions for the loss of the TFW Organization & Designers. 

  • Models will have to be present for trials & fittings if required by the designer. 

  • TFW Organization bears the right to dismiss any model candidate for any misconduct or misbehaviour detected with anyone connected to TFW.  

  • If you do not meet the application criteria or agree to the terms, please do not submit an application. 

  • You may be asked to provide a COVID-19 test report before the shoot.