THAILAND FASHION WEEK®️ will showcase Spring-Summer 2022 collections from both established and emerging brands across ready-to-wear, accessories and footwear (for both men & women) from 29 Nov 2021 - 02 Dec 2021 on COSMOS (Thailand Fashion Week Showroom). If you are a reporter/journalist/blogger and would like to cover THAILAND FASHION WEEK®️ Spring-Summer 2022 and have access to all premium show videos, please submit your credentials by completing the form below. After reviewing your media application, our team will get back to you soon with accreditation confirmation. All publications & media houses are most welcome to cover TFW®️. 

Madam, Sir,

We welcome you to apply for your accreditation for Thailand Fashion Week® Spring-Summer 2022 from 29 Nov 2021 to 02 Dec 2021.

Like every season, Fashion Week Alliance publishes a list for the press offices of the designers present on the official Asian calendar. Professionals will also enjoy access to an exclusive reserved space on the Thailand Fashion Week. 

Please note that we will only be able to consider accreditation requests from :

  • A media (print, online, audiovisual, press agency)

  • A freelance fashion journalist or stylist who can justify publications during the year & accredited via a media (professional e-mail address)

  • A Digital influencer whose fashion is the predominant subject

  • Buyers

We do not accredit freelance photographers.


To be considered, the opening of an accreditation account requests supporting documents. 

The accreditation needs to be renewed every season.

Invitations remain at the discretion of the single Press Offices.


We remain at your disposal for any further information needed:

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Thanks for submitting your request for accreditation at THAILAND FASHION WEEK®️ Spring-Summer 2022. Our team will get in touch with you within 48-72 hours.