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FALL/WINTER 21-22 'Modern Vintage' COLLECTION



Fairytutu Couture is inspired by a woman of history and fashion design, founded by Designer Shiela C. YCO, the nostalgia of anything vintage and the joy of seeing our customers looking beautiful and feeling confident in our designs. Uplifting woman, one outfit at a time.

We at Fairytutu, have a special appreciation for all our customers who support small businesses and invest in the people of our beautiful country. Watching my grandmother, while she passionately, yet thoughtfully designed a new dress. The sound of scissors cutting. The smell of new fabric. The buzzing sound of a sewing machine. The excitement of seeing the joy on customers face while fitting a new garment for the first time. That, all of that, became part of me, it started flowing in my veins, became my joy, my heart, my vision.


Fairytutu Couture 'Modern Vintage' Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection was inspired by the love between mom & daughter, husband & wife, family, something vintage, romancing an era gone by. And established by passion, beautiful people wearing our beloved brand and radiating passion and purpose.


It’s been said that when you buy from an entrepreneur or small business you invest in the dream. Thank you to every single one of our customers, models and parents for supporting, not only our dream and vision but also, that of so many other Filipino small businesses. 

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