Ligaya Couture (The Crochet Royalty) Fall-Winter 21-22 collection by Designer Anna Ligaya in association with DE MODE. Anna Fuentes Ligaya is an international fashion designer, entrepreneur, crafter and a crochet local artist.


The owner of Ligaya Couture, Ligaya Captures, The Crochet Royalty and Food Addict Ph. She designs, she cuts, she sews. She creates beautiful masterpieces independently. She started in 2011 as The Crochet Royalty or Miss Kikay and later changed her name to 'Ligaya Couture' in 2015.


She believes that the fashion industry is her calling for whatever path she takes, it always leads back to her passion and skills to create. She studied at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.


She has received many awards and recognitions nationwide. She had been televised and featured in many magazines, and the likes.


Designer Anna Ligaya is presenting her collection for the 3rd time in a row at Thailand Fashion Week.


Philippine fashion designer, Anna Ligaya presents her F/W 21-22 "High-Fashion" collection at Thailand Fashion Week. Her minimalist collection is about the beauty of simplicity and how those dresses and creations enhance the one wearing them. Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus. It's identifying the essential and eliminating the rest. This is not your ordinary outfit. It is custom made not found in malls or anywhere. She wants to keep it simple but significant.

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