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Designer Valeryia As'ad was born in Belarus, Eastern Europe in 1978. She started sewing at a very young age. She cherishes the day when her mother gave a children's sewing machine on her 5th birthday, and then it all started. By the age of 9, she experimented a lot in sewing and tried to sew clothes for herself. She also has a musical education and in her free time, she teaches piano in Sharjah. Music has always occupied an important part of her life, it seems to her that they are very connected, maybe dresses she makes during the years was once inspired by music. She always wanted to do more than just sew for herself. Around 13 years ago, she started to do private custom sewing, gained experience, studied sewing technology and design, fashion history and then started her own label "VALERYIA AS'AD" in 2015. 

The designer clothing brand 'VALERYIA AS'AD' was founded in Dubai in 2015, is the time when she finally decided to create something special, her own brand of unique handmade knitted dresses with a perfect fit. She designed her first collection of crocheted cocktail dresses. Over time she began to combine crocheted lace with fabrics, this is how her style and her signature was formed, chic and elegant style, where traditional old techniques of crocheting and embroidery are mixed with innovative technologies of modern design and sewing.


Lately, I have been feeling really nostalgic about
a time in my life when I first became captivated by
fashion. Reemerging photos of 18th-20th centuries
fashion recall a time when clothes were romantic and
elegant ... VALERYIA AS'AD

UAE fashion designer, Valeryia As'ad presents her F/W 21-22 "La Femme" collection for the first time at Thailand Fashion Week. The collection features 20 outfits that are feminine, elegant and unique crocheted dresses, cocktail dresses, haute couture and bridal gowns. To create this collection, she used elements of crocheted trimming like using the Bruges lace technique, hand embroidery with beads and Swarovski. The outfits are made up of the most delicate, viscose silk, for crocheted dresses, 100% natural raw silk, organza, lace, tulle, silk taffeta and satin.

The colours presented in the collection are Black, Gold, Nude, Light Beige, Walnut, Emerald Green, Dark Jade, Grape, Amethyst, Cornflower blue, Geraldine, Wine, Silver and White. 

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