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The future of fashion showcase is digital and immersive. THAILAND FASHION WEEK has developed a customized virtual showroom "COSMOS" to showcase the collections from the global design experts which will reach to a wide audience by a team of precisely-tailored IT professionals.

Being in the luxury fashion showcasing business, the situation has pressured the organization to adapt to the digital age for some time now. TFW supports hundreds of brands by setting up a digital showroom since the current COVID-19 pandemic just have created the ideal circumstances for a long awaited innovation boost. Now that the physical aspect of the shopping experience is indefinitely suspended, fashion brands can take the opportunity to re-imagine it within a digital-only space. This trend will be continued in the coming years by THAILAND FASHION WEEK using artificial intelligence.

What is a digital showroom developed by TFW and how will it help?

It's an online flagship showcasing platform. As compared to a physical store, it costs less to run, it’s extraordinarily efficient and it provides exceptional value. It does several things concurrently; luxury branding, augments sales, personalizes experiences, entertains, reveals deep insight and it’s engaging. Amongst other things, the thoughtfulness, warmness and humanity which are found in human interactions, have being replicated digitally.

What does it do?

It will empower brands listed on the TFW calendar with enterprise software to entertain and delight customers with fresh curated experiences. Net effect, it increases sales for brands and satisfaction for customers. It merges the digital & physical worlds between brands and their customers.

  1. The collection reaches to a wider audience compared to a physical show

  2. It delights customers with a new experience

  3. Boost profits

  4. Improves operational efficiency

  5. Manages front & back end CX (customer experience)

For more information on digital showcasing, please email us on

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