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Article Published on: 10TH FEB 2024 | 


Born on April 27, 1991, in the picturesque province of Lam Dong, Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Tra Linh emerged as a luminary in the realm of fashion design, particularly renowned for her exquisite wedding dresses and captivating ready-to-wear collections. Linh's journey from a young dreamer in Lam Dong to a globally recognized designer mirrors a narrative of determination, vision, and an unwavering commitment to crafting beauty.

Linh's quest for knowledge and creativity led her to the Vietnam Aviation Academy in Ho Chi Minh City after completing her studies in Lam Dong. Following her graduation in 2012, her career journey was in logistics. However, her year-long odyssey across various countries became a pivotal chapter, fueling her inspiration and sowing the seeds for her future in design.

Upon her return to Vietnam, Linh ventured into the bridal industry, curating a boutique that boasted an array of renowned international brands like Vera Wang, Marchesa, and Pronovias. Yet, within two years, Linh recognized the need for bespoke designs tailored specifically for the Vietnamese physique. This realization spurred her transition into designing her line, meticulously crafted to resonate with the local clientele. In 2015, Linh's aspirations for expansion led her to join forces with investors from Japan, fortifying her brand's presence. The subsequent years witnessed a series of milestones as she inaugurated showrooms in Hanoi and Da Nang, marking her commitment to making her creations accessible across Vietnam.

However, Linh's ambitions transcended regional boundaries. In 2018, she propelled her brand's prominence by establishing a grand 1000 square-meter showroom in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Just a year later, Linh took a significant leap, unveiling her inaugural ready-to wear fashion collection, diversifying her portfolio beyond bridal wear.

The pinnacle of Linh's illustrious journey arrived in 2023, commemorating a decade of innovation and elegance. Her 10th anniversary show in Vietnam was a celebration of artistry, blending tradition with modernity, and capturing hearts worldwide. Post the jubilant milestone, Linh embarked on a trunk show tour, gracing many countries to showcase her captivating designs, signifying her global aspirations.

Nguyen Thi Tra Linh

Hacchic Couture, a Japanese-inspired brand rooted in Vietnam as Hacchic Bridal By Senbaruzu, draws its essence from the symbolic imagery of the crane, epitomizing longevity, happiness, and serenity in Japanese culture. Established in 2013, the brand's name, derived from "Hachi," meaning number 8 in Japanese, embodies eternal fortune, while "Chic" reflects the luxury and contemporary style the brand ardently pursues.

Hacchic Couture: Crafting Eternal Wedding Dreams Across Continents

With a mission to shatter conventional boundaries in the realm of bridal couture, Hacchic Couture embarked on a journey to fulfill the wedding dreams of countless Vietnamese and global brides. Boasting a team of highly skilled Vietnamese and Japanese designers, the brand's decade-long dedication to creativity and innovation resonates in its meticulously crafted collections.

At the heart of Hacchic Couture's allure lies a commitment to excellence. Their array of wedding dresses and comprehensive wedding day packages cater to every facet of a bride's desires, ensuring a seamless and enchanting experience. The brand continuously introduces new dress models, housing an ever-evolving gallery of over 500 dresses that encompass diverse styles, each radiating elegance and opulence.

Distinguished for their Haute Couture galleries across two branches, Hacchic's exclusive creations adorned with Swarovski crystals embody timeless sophistication and charm. Notably, Hacchic Couture stands proudly as the sole Vietnamese brand specializing in catering to the wedding dress markets of China and the Middle East, encompassing Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Doha.

With a global footprint spanning over 30 countries and territories, Hacchic Couture's offerings bestow enduring value upon every step of a woman's journey, serving as a steadfast companion through life's cherished moments. Through a fusion of artistry, meticulous craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to elegance, Hacchic Couture has etched its place as a harbinger of everlasting wedding dreams worldwide.

Hacchic Couture has emerged as a paragon of prestige within the Vietnamese wedding couture landscape. Its opulent gallery showcases an expansive range of over 500 dresses—a treasure trove catering to diverse tastes and styles. Moreover, the brand's Haute Couture galleries, adorned with Swarovski-embellished exclusive designs, epitomize luxury, setting a new standard for bridal opulence.

Beyond the threads and embellishments, Hacchic Couture symbolizes an emotional companion on a bride's transformative journey. With every stitch, bead, and fabric, the brand stitches together a narrative that transcends the ephemeral—it embodies an enduring promise, an embodiment of a bride's most cherished dreams, celebrating love, and life's most precious moments.

Hacchic Couture, a name that encapsulates the legacy of tradition, the elegance of innovation, and the allure of timeless grace, continues to etch an everlasting tale in the annals of bridal couture. It symbolizes a commitment to crafting dreams, embodying elegance, and accompanying women on their journeys of love and matrimony—a testament to the enduring artistry and indelible impact of the brand.


Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the brand name "Hacchic Couture" and its evolution from "Hacchic Bridal By Senbaruzu"?

A. Established in 2013 with the name ‘Hacchic Bridal’ specialises in trading imported famous brand name wedding dresses from Japan, US-UK. However, I realized that imported wedding dresses which were made by foreign tailors couldn’t fit perpectly on Vietnamese brides, so I started to create my style with silhouettes reserved for my beloved customers. “Hacchic Couture” was born with the mission of breaking old limits in the journey of creating wedding dress dreams for millions of girls across Vietnam and worldwide. Based on a decade of creativity and innovation. Hacchic products use exclusive materials imported from Japan, France, Italy, and Latvia bringing unique and gorgeous wedding dresses for customers on their special day.

Q: What motivated the decision to choose the name "Hacchic," and how does it reflect the brand's values and aspirations, particularly with the association with the number 8 in Japanese culture?

A. Hacchic Couture is a Japanese brand established in Vietnam with the name Hacchic Bridal By Senbaruzu (1000 cranes). According to the Japanese perspective, the image of a crane symbolizes the best things such as a happy, long-lasting, lucky, and peaceful life. “Hacchic” has the same sound as "Hachi" in Japanese, meaning number 8, symbolizing eternal fortune. “Chic” also means luxury, trendy is the style that the brand is aiming for.

Q: How has the brand's identity and vision transformed since its establishment in 2014, especially considering the move from bridal-focused (Hacchic Bridal) to a broader range of products under "Hacchic Couture"?

A. From Bridal to Couture, it’s a big step for us. It’s not only about the name change, it’s an innovation inside our system, mindset, vision… Couture refers to sewing and dressmaking for specific clothes for fashion shows, art installations, or to wear. We need a bustling couturier, brimming with expert workers for our high-profile clients. It is about being able to design for every single customer, the unique and the best clothes. And at that time, we start to make evening gowns, ready-to-wear clothes, runway collections… not only wedding dresses.

Q: The expansion of Hacchic Couture to include the Hacchic Blush brand in 2019 marked a new phase. What drove the decision to launch a ready-to-wear product line, and how does it complement the existing offerings?

A. One of the many reasons that I chose to have Hacchic Blush in 2019 is fashion designing is my love for Fashion, which grew as I grew older. Colour, shapes, and styles always intrigued me and fashion designing also had a way of satisfying my creative fancies it is a career where your creativity and imagination, and your ability to understand colours and different styles play an important role in your growth. Also, the scope for fashion designing is very huge and wide, there are so many different field options to do. Another reason is most of the customers in bridal boutiques are non-repeat ones. But they love Hacchic’s product. I want to have another line so that I can serve my loyal customers for the rest of their lives.

Q: With the introduction of Hacchic Blush for girls and Hacchic Blush for Bride, how does the brand ensure that both product lines maintain the essence of luxury and trendiness associated with Hacchic Couture?

A. Hacchic Couture is difficult to get for the customers as we are restricted by adding value, high quality and exclusiveness, so Hacchic Blush for Girl & for Bride with reasonable price and easy to get to know them more intimately. During ten years we have had many experiences building a luxury brand and how to maintain it. We are very satisfied with our results and therefore we would like to thank the persons whom we have collaborated with. It's not only about the quality, and the price, it is also about the relationship between our brand to our customers and how we take care of them no matter what brands of Hacchic they buy from.

Q: In the competitive fashion industry, how does Hacchic Couture differentiate itself from other brands, particularly in terms of style, quality, and customer experience?

A. Inspired a lot by both Vietnamese and Japanese couture, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by creating unique and exclusive products, providing exceptional customer service and using effective marketing strategies. Maintaining our market position requires us to continue innovating and adapting to changing consumer preferences while staying true to our core values and maintaining our status as a symbol of luxury and prestige. Especially, the most important thing here is we never think that we need to design one piece to stand out, but designing a whole brand with a cohesive identity and telling a story through the styling. This is not to say that we can just slack on design, or quality, or any of the other important factors. But if you can tell a great story people want to engage with and be a part of, a story only about your bride, to show out her own character, that will definitely help and make you become unreplaceable.

Q: Can you discuss the significance of the year 2019 as a turning point for Hacchic Couture and the goals set for elevating both products and services to customers?

A. In 2019, we moved our stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi Capital to a 1000m2 showroom to expand our business and display more products. By unravelling the intricacies of fashion trends, we gain valuable insights into the shifting desires and expectations of consumers. As consumers spend much more time online, they simply expect dramatically more when they decide to spend time with a brand in the physical world. Whether it’s the growing demand for sustainable and ethically produced luxury goods or a more comfortable place for shopping, we always want to give our customers the best experience when they have a chance to come to our showroom.

Q: How does the brand incorporate Japanese design elements or cultural influences into its collections, and how does this resonate with the Vietnamese market?

A. Japanese design is very simple but elegant and very sensitive in tailor lines as well as its shapes. While Vietnamese customers are saying yes to multiple styles more than Japanese. So we make variety and creative styles in very meticulous detail and high technique of tailor-made. In Japan, consumers are concerned about the environmental and social impact of fashion. Sustainable and ethical fashion practices are gaining momentum, with brands focusing on responsible sourcing, reducing waste, and supporting fair labour practices. Stay informed about the latest sustainability initiatives and how they can be integrated into your personal style choices. We also bring that standard to our local factory in Vietnam to create the most effective for our customers not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.

Q: In what ways does Hacchic Couture stay updated with and adapt to the evolving fashion trends, both globally and within the Vietnamese market?

A. The fashion industry is an ever-evolving realm of creativity, trends, and innovation. As a female fashion and bridal company, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide our customers with the latest styles and designs that empower and inspire. The fashion industry is embracing diversity and inclusivity like never before. From inclusive size ranges to featuring models of different ethnicities, body types, and genders, fashion brands are recognizing the importance of representation and celebrating individuality. So it’s a chance for us to introduce our culture and signature to the world without worrying about whether international customers accept us or not. We have distributors and brides in over 40 countries. In October 2023, we joined Shanghai Fashion Week and started to receive a lot of orders from Chinese Celebrations and bridal boutiques all over the world. We also have plans for NYFW, Paris Fashion Week, and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week next year and are very proud to introduce our culture and speak our words to the world.

Q: With the emphasis on "Chic" in the brand name, how does Hacchic Couture ensure that its designs remain luxurious and trendy while staying accessible to a diverse range of customers?

A. Chic fashion is defined as a style of dress that is characterized by simplicity and elegance. The term “chic” comes from the French word chic, meaning “stylish; elegant.” The word was first used in English in 1825, and the term has since been used to describe wealthy and stylish people who are fashionable. But nowadays, fashion has become more of a miracle because you don’t need to be a wealthy and stylish person to be chic and luxurious. Many fashion brands have been born with the mission to make you look gorgeous in many ways. By adding “Chic” to our brand name, I want to give our customers a sense of playfulness and energy for their busy lives. With more than 1000 items, a large range of prices, multiform of models, I can make sure Hacchic is accessible to a diverse range of customers.

Q: How does Hacchic Couture engage with its customers, both online and offline, to understand their preferences and continuously improve its products and services?

A. I think it’s the customer service that creates loyal and passionate supporters of the brand. If offline customers can leave the store with a smile on their faces, they’ve earned their hearts. For online customers, it's important to embrace digital channels. However instead of ditching the old-school methods such as billboards, TV commercials, and magazines, better we use them to support social media, search engines, online ads, and emails. This blended approach helps maximize visibility and recognition, drive website traffic, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales. But no matter what kind of technology you use for advertising, no matter how huge your showroom is, our heart and our soul for customers is the most important thing to improve our products and services. Most businesses can tell you what they sell. And how they sell it. But few can tell you why they exist. It helps provide that guiding light, which acts as a powerful tool to engage, align and motivate people.


Hacchic Couture 

Japan Head Quarter: Imperial Hotel 16F, 1-1, Uchisaiwai-Cho 1-Chome Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 1000011, Japan.

Ho Chi Minh Head Quarter: 108-110 Nguyen Trai, Ben Thanh Ward, Dict 1, HCM City.

Ha noi Branch: 27 Mai Hac De, Hai Ba Trung Dict, Ha Noi.

Viber/whatsapp/zalo/wechat:  (+84) 985 686 818 / (+84) 795 001 533

Instagram: @hacchic_couture

HOTLINE: (+84) 985 686 818

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