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Article Published on: 19TH DEC 2023 | 

Ms. Princess Eliott Hopkins became President, CEO and lead designer of Regal Status in 2020. After graduating from the business class offered through the Kauffman Entrepreneur Program, she launched her business and first colection in the "Regal Status Fashion Show". It was a success and things moved up and forward from there, she took on different chalenges to advance the brand. Starting off with just herself and two interns she pushed for a bigger runway. She applied for Kansas City Fashion Week, then Omaha Fashion Weekand was accepted into both shows. This perpaled Regal Status even further in the limelight and more colections were produced each season becoming a fan favourite in the midwest region in the United States.

Ms. Princess Eliott Hopkins became President, CEO and lead designer of Regal Status

She rocked the runway in Kansas City Fashion Week for three seasons and Omaha Fashion Week for one season. In the Fal/Winter season of 2022, she showcased her dual colection back to back in hard work almost giving up she returned to the Kansas City Fashion Week runway in 2023 with an al-pink colection. In the process of becoming a successful designer in her hometown region she attended the "Academy of Patternmaking and Draping", offered by the House of Pamela Renee! This move would ensure her designs were the best version of what was in mind, sketched and constructed. Now her eyes are set on the world and entering the global fashion market.


Regal Status Fashion Brand has developed into a favorite in the Midwest region of the United States. This has been a test for the team of continuous growth for the company. The brand was birth from a mindset of Royalty and to create such garments to mirror it. As we have developed and doing show after show, it was apparent to start bringing on Ambassadors that represent different shapes and sizes of women's clothing. There was another level of growth now moving into a national and global market is where we set our next goals.

Regal Status was more than just a business endeavor; it was a dream that had been nurtured in the heart of its founder, Ms. Princess Eliott Hopkins. What started as a mere concept in the world of fashion evolved into a tangible reality when it graced its first runway in September 2020. Ms. Princess, with her unwavering passion for fashion and an innate ability to inspire, embarked on a journey that would soon become her career.

The inaugural runway show held in September 2020 marked a significant milestone in Regal Status's journey. It was a resounding success and played a crucial role in bolstering Ms. Princess's determination to persevere. The positive feedback and the outpouring of support from the audience, customers, photographers, and even the discerning critiques within her own family were instrumental in fueling her drive to make her mark in the fashion industry.

As Regal Status made its debut on the local fashion scene, the response was nothing short of phenomenal. Audiences were captivated, customers were eager to adorn themselves in Regal Status creations, and photographers were inspired by the unique designs. Even the most discerning of critics, Ms. Princess's own family, couldn't help but acknowledge the innovation and creativity that her brand brought to the fashion landscape. It was this early success that provided Ms. Princess with the strength and fortitude to continue her journey in the world of fashion. Each step she took was not merely a leap of faith but a calculated move towards her aspirations.

From her first runway show, the brand began its ascent. Ms. Princess initialy spearheaded the endeavor with just two interns by her side. However, she was relentless in her pursuit of progress. Recognizing the potential of Regal Status, she set her sights on even grander achievements.

Her ambitions knew no bounds. To amplify the brand's reach and prominence, Ms. Princess applied to showcase Regal Status at Kansas City Fashion Week and Omaha Fashion Week. The fact that she was accepted into both these prestigious events speaks volumes about the appeal and promise of Regal Status.

Ms. Princess's journey continued to evolve, and with each season, she created more colections that resonated deeply with her growing fan base in the Midwest region of the United States. It was not long before Regal Status became a favored name within this fashion-conscious community.

Kansas City Fashion Week witnessed the glamour and elegance of Regal Status for three consecutive seasons, while Omaha Fashion Week embraced its alure for one season. As each season unfolded, Ms. Princess's unwavering dedication to her craft was evident in her colections.

The Fal/Winter season of 2022 was a turning point in her journey as she presented a dual colection in a remarkable showcase of hard work and determination. Despite facing numerous chalenges, she persevered, and the event was a resounding success. In 2023, she returned to the Kansas City Fashion Week runway, this time with an al pink colection that not only showcased her creativity but also her resilience and commitment to her craft.

As Regal Status made its mark in the Midwest, Ms. Princess realized that her journey needed further refinement. To ensure that her designs were nothing short of perfection, she sought to enhance her skils and knowledge. With this goal in mind, she enroled in the "Academy of Patternmaking and Draping" offered by the House of Pamela Renee. This was a strategic move to elevate her designs, ensuring they were a true reflection of her vision.

Now, with a portfolio of successes behind her and the valuable experience gained from her endeavors, Ms. Princess Eliott Hopkins sets her sights on the global fashion market. Her heart-driven passion for fashion and the art of inspiration have propeled her forward, and there is no doubt that Regal Status is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of fashion.

"It's worth it in the end when I see the models or audience fall in love with each piece" - PRINCESS ELLIOT HOPKINS

Photos: REGAL STATUS SS24 Colection Photography: Jerome W. Hutchinson Sr.

Draped in success, Ms. Princess Eliott Hopkins, the President, CEO, and creative force behind Regal Status, is a name that resonates within the fashion industry. Her journey from a dreamer to a visionary fashion designer has been nothing short of remarkable. In an exclusive interview with TFW Times Magazine, Ms. Princess reveals the intricate threads of her inspiring path, her boundless passion for fashion, and her remarkable rise to prominence. Join us as we delve into the world of Ms. Princess Eliott Hopkins and the regal legacy she is weaving in the world of fashion

Q: Tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of Regal Status and the Brand’s mission?

A. The inspiration behind the creation of Regal Status was my own personal style and the frustration of not being able to access it through various shopping platforms. Therefore, the mission become to create designs to inspire, enhance and truly express a woman’s style.

Q: What sets Regal Status a part from other clothing brands in the market, particularly in terms of empowering the female consciousness?

A. We are set a par by the versatility of each garment offered. The Regal Status Fashion Brand assist with the customers’ desire to have their own personal style, alowing every person to create who they view themselves to be. In this power she can better convey her inner being with our brand from modern, regal femininity.

Q: How do you incorporate the concept of enhancing outer beauty to empower inner being in your clothing designs?

A. Regal Status incorporates a concept of royalty in our garments starting with the texture of the fabric, the appearance of the print and imperial detailing in the overal aspect of the design. Along with excelent customer service and the end experience with the Regal Status Brand. We keep in mind, “When You Look Good, You Feel Good” and it shows when our customers decide to wear our pieces, it inspires the spirit of a woman.

Q: Can you describe the typical Regal Status customer and how your brand resonates with her values and aspirations?

A. A typical Regal Status customer is an on the go high fashionista. Our brand is “Urban Elegance”, and it resonates with a woman who is family and community oriented. Educated and strong in traditional values of being an impactful global; citizen that inspires the world through business, fashion and community. #AGELESS

Q: What key values and principles does Regal Status stand for, and how do these values manifest in your product offerings?

A. We stand on the principles of respect for the fashion industry as an important part of its contribution to the world. And valuing every component that makes up the fashion industry on al levels and positions as one. Therefore, before the product is ever presented, people have a royal mindset to receive the garment and wear it with confidence.

Q: How do you ensure that your clothing designs align with the idea of a woman walking as a Queen and presenting a royal presence?

A. We ensure our designs showcase the beauty of a woman in a conservative manner, holding to traditional values aligned with regal standards while delivering fresh, new fashions. The fabric, garment details, colors and silhouette al play a part in how a woman presents herself to the world. “REGAL IS THE STATUS”

Q: Could you share some insights into the creative process behind designing Regal Status collections, including any source of inspiration?

A. The creative process begins when I get together with the design director of Regal Status, Jerome Marshal (IG: @winrome) and we bounce ideas off each other. It’s a whole VIBE!!! His extensive background in fashion and his education status has taken Regal Status to another level since he joined the team. We don’t do trends, we discuss what a woman in today’s world is looking for, what is hot and always in style. Then what type of design plus the fabric wil stand out in a crowd. #UNICORN

The main source of the Brands inspiration are the models. They bring the garments to life and in working with each one during the development process their spirit, ambition and life style inspires me to inspire them. #TEAMWORK

Q: In what ways does Regal Status contribute to promoting confidence and self-esteem among women who wear your clothing?

A. Regal Status promotes confidence and self-esteem through our team of models. We now have a “Queen Ambassador” that represents the curvy woman, another Brand Ambassador representing petite women to convey fashionable style to al women that are different shapes and sizes. I work closely with the models during the development process by asking questions. How does this make you feel? Would you wear this? What do you think about this fabric? How is the fit? They are my front line in the fashion realm. When I see their confidence and self-esteem transform in this process, it is confirmation, it wil affect other women who choose to wear our garments. Plus, the models are my first customers buying garments right off the runway.

Q: How do you select materials and fabrics for your clothing that reflect the brands commitment to quality and empowerment?

A. Fabric and material selection must fit the aesthetic of Regal Status… Opulence. We are careful on what fabrics wil present the royal design we envision and the materials with a regal quality. Our sourcing is limited to trust resources that we know can supply the level of satisfaction for the end result we desire for the customer.

Q: How do you select materials and fabrics for your clothing that reflect the brands commitment to quality and empowerment?

A. Fabric and material selection must fit the aesthetic of Regal Status… Opulence. We are careful on what fabrics wil present the royal design we envision and the materials with a regal quality. Our sourcing is limited to trust resources that we know can supply the level of satisfaction for the end result we desire for the customer.

Q: Can you highlight any specific pieces or collections from Regal Status that have been particularly will-received by your customers and why?

A. A particular colection that was wel received by my customers was the F/W 2022 showcased at a regional fashion week in the US. First time doing a show of this magnitude and the audience was standing, clapping and cheering. The sales after the show went through the roof, because the pieces were relatable, wearable and stylish.

Q: What initiative or partnership has Regal Status undertaken to support and uplift women beyond just clothing design?

A. Regal Status has taken different opportunities to speak to young ladies about personal style and confidence with a few organizations in my community. Also, sponsoring our own events to show appreciation to the women that worked with the brand thus far.

Q: How does Regal Status engage with its community of customers and supporters and what role does their feedback play in the shaping the brands direction?

A. We engage with our customers by having Pre Fashion Show events, Instagram Live Chats, and community events for customer engagement. This alows us to speak with customers and get input on the brand, if any constructive criticism is given we discuss change and how it aligns with the true life of the brand.

Q: Could your share some success stories or testimonials from women who have experienced a transformation in their confidence and self-expression through Regal Status clothing?

A. STORY – (Unknown Customer @ Omaha Fashion Week) At the “Designers Brunch” where we are able to sel our garments after the show. A customer came in inquiring about a garment and when I explained the versatility of it she chose to wear it as aswimsuit cover-up. Not only did she purchase the shirt, 30 minutes later she came back with the biggest smile, modeling the garment with her swimsuit on. This was an older lady and her confidence was so high, we al saw a short one-person fashion show at the brunch from a customer that was truly transformed!

Q: What are your future plans and goals for Regal Status in terms of expanding your impact and reach?

A. Our future plans and goals for the brand is to do Global Fashion Weeks to showcase Regal Status Fashion Brand to other spectators. To compete with the top fashion brands of the world and to continue to scale our business to become a luxury lifestyle brand, offering clothes, accessories, candles, bedding, etc.

Q: Lastly, how can individuals who resonate with the Regal Status vision get involved or support the brands mission and values?

A. This is a great question. Regal Status has an internship program for the younger generation that would like a career in the fashion industry. We are a company who inspires others and give back by teaching the next generation to respect the industry with a regal mindset. Therefore, those individuals who would like to assist with our mission can support by folowing the brand on social media and visit our website to keep up with offers to support.


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